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The driving force behind the projects we do is quality and reliability. We thrive when WordPress runs smoothly and hate the days when websites go down! We’re lucky because we have the skills to fix things! But many of our friends and clients remember the days when they didn’t have us to call upon! The thought that out there somewhere in the world a person is crying because their website and therefore their livelihood has gone fills us with dread!

Today we announce a new service, well at least in terms of it being generally available through our website! In reality it’s a service that we have been offering clients for a long time, but we decided it would be more widely available if we packaged up our ‘WordPress Care Plans’ and made them available with our own WordPress managed hosting!

At the moment we are only offering care plans with hosting! Why? Well. We pride ourselves on the quality service that we provide, and the only way to ensure that we provide something a bit special is to keep it all under our control. Our own in-house designed and built hosting platform is responsible for the automatic deploying of servers and the building of websites! Everything ready to go in a few minutes!

Sometimes though it’s the details that make something special. I read all the time on sites offering WordPress Care Plans the question of handling passwords! It’s not easy particularly when hosting already exists! We don’t have that problem! If your website is with us then everything was automatically set-up so that we can manage your website without keep having to handle your password!

At the moment we provide three different care plans named ‘Personal’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Entrepreneur’. The names are really self explanatory.

The ‘Personal’ care plan is aimed at standard content websites, blogs or business websites, that don’t need eCommerce! This package is ideal if you are starting out and want a reliable, fully supported website. It includes WordPress managed hosting with enhanced security features and backups. You can always upgrade as you grow and expand!

The ‘Professional’ care plan is for the more serious website and builds on the ‘Personal’ plan with uptime monitoring. It is built on a more powerful cloud server which gives you plenty of scope for growth. You’ve probably noticed that we don’t discuss server resources! That’s because it is our job to provide you with the resources based on the correct plan – we don’t worry with limits on memory, disk space, or bandwidth!

Finally, we come to the ‘Entrepreneur’ plan. This is like having a virtual assistant taking care of your website! Both your server and website are monitored by multiple independent services notifying us immediately of a problem, or that your site goes down! One of our favourite sayings is “We will know your site has a problem and fix it! Before you know there was a problem!”. We mean it. That is the aim!

The ‘Entrepreneur’ plan is ideal for WooCommerce eCommerce shops, or membership sites, and includes site performance monitoring to make sure everything is running smoothly. Sign-up today and you will get a new service that we are offering in the future and that is access to ‘SEO’ analysis tools, so we can help you grow your site!

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