WordPress Training Course

WordPress Training

I’m very pleased to announce the release of our in-depth online WordPress Training course, aimed at total beginners who are interested in using WordPress for their own website.

The training is unique, not only is it online and self-paced, but it includes access to a ‘real’ WordPress website hosted and supported by us. This means that the learning and exercises are not wasted. The WordPress beginner can see their own website come alive in front of them!

Our WordPress Training is offered as a monthly subscription, with no time limits or restrictions. You can work through the training material as fast, or as slow, as you like until you have gained the knowledge and experience that you need.

The first section of the course aimed at the new WordPress user includes 31 high quality videos that cover all parts of the WordPress dashboard. You can settle down and watch a video and at the same time apply what you’re learning to your own website.

WordPress plugins are a powerful way of adding functionality to your website, so once you have completed the beginners guide to WordPress you can move on to learning about page builders, SEO tools, adding forms, and much more. For each you get access to more high quality videos that lead you step-by-step through implementing them on your website!

As you can see over time your experience with WordPress is growing and your website is starting to take shape! But your ultimate dream may be to sell products, courses, or to run a membership site! The final section of the course introduces you to WooCommerce, the most powerful eCommerce solution for WordPress!

The WooCommerce training provides you with another 35 videos that explain in great detail how to get your shop online. The eCommerce module covers all aspects of running an online shop, from adding products, setting up tax, through to selling subscriptions!

We understand that creating a WordPress website is not always easy, and that there will be times when you just can’t work something out! This is where our support comes in. The WordPress training course includes two 30 minute zoom calls which you can claim while taking the course! These are 1-to-1 sessions with one of our WordPress experts who can guide you through step-by-step what you don’t understand.

Sometimes problems don’t warrant a full zoom call, so you can drop into one of our support channels. We are still working out the best approach to this, but initially it will be a Facebook group, but we are also looking at other options like Discord, Slack, and off course email!

What happens when you complete the WordPress training course?

After working through the course you will not only understand WordPress but will also have built your own website. Your website is already hosted on our powerful state-of-the-art hosting platform, so continuing with your subscription will keep your website hosted with us, and give you access to the course materials if you need a refresher at any point. Also we intend to expand the training to include more modules and even new courses, so you will get access to all of the new content!

Alternatively, if you want to concentrate on building your site and not on the managing of the site you can switch to one of our ‘WordPress Managed Hosting’ plans that include full WordPress support for your website. These plans cover security, monitoring, updates, backups, and much more!

Finally, of course you might decide to move to an entirely new WordPress Hosting provider. That’s fine – we just want your website to be the best it can for you!

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