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We are very pleased to announce that we have launched our new WordPress Managed Hosting. I know! I can hear some of you thinking not another hosting service, and why would we come to you when there are many big companies offering this service.

That argument is the exact reason why we are offering our service. You see we are a small team of WordPress experts, who love cloud servers, linux, and of course WordPress. We hear stories of how distant the big boys are, how slow they can be, how difficult it is to get answers, the list goes on and on!

We host a relatively small number of websites compared to the big companies, which means that we provide a more personal service! We actually care about your website and don’t want to see any sites off line! Because of this we offer much more than just hosting!

Built-in WordPress Care Plans

Yes. Each WordPress Managed Hosting plan includes one of our care plans. This means that we don’t just abandon you if the problem is not a server! We never say well you see it’s a plugin that is causing the problems and I’m afraid we don’t support that! We will support it, and if needs be we will try and talk to the plugin author!

So. What else does a care plan offer. Well the list below covers the main features;

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Malware Removal
  • Monthly Report
  • Staging Sites
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring*
  • Site Speed/Performance Monitoring*

* Note that the exact features depend on the hosting plan that you have.

WordPress Training Course

We have recently launched our own WordPress Training Course, which starts with a beginners guide to WordPress, which includes 31 high-quality videos! As your knowledge grows you can progress on to videos covering WooCommerce, another 35 videos, as well as other plugins such as Yoast SEO!

Our hosting plans include unlimited access to this training, both what exists today and any training that is added in the future.

The advantage of this is that you may not need it now. You might have been using WordPress for years! But what about new team members in the future!

I think you can probably see that this isn’t your average WordPress Managed Hosting!

Built-in Website Uptime Monitoring

Our hosting is built on an enhanced version of our WordPress plugin, WP Cloud Server. It allows a complete hosting platform to be created, but the best part of it is the extensions that we add. These are services like monitoring and security tools.

If your website or the server goes down then we will be notified by several independent sources instantly! This means that our team will likely know of a problem before you do! It is even possible that we will have fixed the problem, and got your site back online without you even knowing it was down, meaning that it might be the monthly report that highlights the issue!

State-of-the-Art Cloud Server

Finally, we just wanted to say that we don’t do shared hosting! Every plan includes its own powerful cloud server. This means that your site can grow without you having to worry! We also avoid limits. You won’t see us mentioning limits such as disk space, memory, or bandwidth!

Under no circumstances would we bring your site down, or charge you more for having a successful site! The only time we would contact you and suggest an upgrade would be if you had the ‘Personal’ plan and suddenly found yourself with an online store with thousands of visitors, we might suggest you move up a plan! We think that’s fair enough!

Anyway, we hope you come and join us! If you’re not sure then watch this space because we have plans for even more great features!

If you have any questions then please contact us. We are always happy to discuss your needs!

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