WP Cloud Server: 2.0.0

I am very pleased to announce that the next update to the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin has been released. Since early January we have been working extremely hard on the next major update which includes some major changes. If you have been following the releases of the plugin you will notice that this release is another major update, taking the plugin to version 2.0.0.

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Scenarios: Introduction

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin will expand over time with new built-in functions and with new add-on modules. The basic functionality will get covered in the support documentation, but this won’t capture the many different ways in which the plugin and add-on modules can be used together to create powerful hosting scenarios.

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WP Cloud Server: Version 1.2.1

The start of 2020 has started pretty much how 2019 finished, with constant development taking place on the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin!

Those of you who are following the releases will spot that I didn’t post about the version 1.2.0 release! I’ll hold my hand up and admit that we had a few teething problems, so all our efforts were directed on to version 1.2.1 – which I am pleased to say was uploaded to WordPress last night!

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