StatusCake Module

The StatusCake Module adds Uptime Monitoring and Alerts to the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin, allowing new sites to be automatically added to StatusCake.


StatusCake are the provider of a comprehensive range of website monitoring services which alert you if a website goes down.

Add the StatusCake Module to the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin and any new websites created will be automatically added to the StatusCake Uptime Monitoring system.

Current Status

The StatusCake Module is currently in the final stages of development. The features listed below are currently being tested and may be available late 2019 for ‘beta’ testing, to users who have signed up to our ‘Launch Offer’, for the ‘Standard’ Module Subscription;

  • Add new Domain Name to StatusCake Uptime Monitoring Service
  • Display StatusCake Statistics in the WorddPress dashboard

Included in ‘Standard’ Module Subscription

  • Module Name: StatusCake
  • Status: In-Development
  • Updated: 27/10/2019
  • Type: Standard Module
  • Platform: WordPress

Launch Offer