Over the last few months those of you that have visited this site will have seen a focus on my ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. This worked well initially because it was all new and pretty much took up all of my time!

However, this led to a problem for me! This website was supposed to be a focal point for all of my projects and a place to share ideas, knowledge, lessons and much more! focussing on the plugin meant I lost this freedom!

But worse than that the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin was hidden away under a unrelated website! So I decided that the plugin needed it’s own space! From today it now has it’s own website at https://wpcloudserver.dev.

The website is basic at the moment but can now expand with new documentation and more in-depth information about new releases and modules.

This now means that I have the freedom to introduce new projects, articles, and tutorials that reflect my passions and interests in greater detail. I’m looking forward to seeing things grow and expand over the next few weeks.

Please contact me if you have any comments on these changes. I love to hear what people think! At the end of the day this website is here to help the bigger community!

I’m excited to see where things head for both this website and the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin.