Connect to DigitalOcean

This section provides you with a step-by-step guide to setting up the connection to the DigitalOcean API. This is useful if you have dismissed the Onboarding Panel, or can’t remember how to perform the process having completed it previously.

If you already have a DigitalOcean account and can access your API key then you can bypass steps 1 and 2 below and jump to the set-up process in the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin.

  1. The first step is create a DigitalOcean account. Follow this link to jump to the DigitalOcean signup form. Before continuing ensure that you have completed this step and have successfully logged in to the dashboard.
  2. In order to obtain your personal API Key click on the API link in the left-hand menu. You should see a section called ‘Personal Access Tokens’. Click on the ‘Generate New Token’ and then enter a name to reference the new Token and click ‘Generate Token’. Your new API Token will be generated

This concludes the set-up process inside the DigitalOcean platform. To continue with the steps below you should return to the WordPress Dashboard which is running the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. If the plugin is installed and activated you should see the menu option in the dashboard shown below;


  1. We now need to navigate to the ‘DigitalOcean’ Module settings. Click on the ‘Modules’ menu item and then click on the ‘DigitalOcean’ tab. You should then see the default view for the ‘DigitalOcean’ Module.
  2. You should be able to see the sub-menu at the top of the tab content. Click on ‘Settings’ and you will see the screenshot below. At the moment the only setting is for the ‘API Key’. All you need to do now is to paste in or enter the API Key that you obtained when logged in to your DigitalOcean account, and then click save.
  3. The DigitalOcean API error message should now disappear and if you click on the ‘Servers’ sub-menu item and you already have Droplets created in your account, then you should see them listed in the table.
  4. If it’s a new DigitalOcean account then you won’t yet! But once you create a new server then you will see it listed.