Add-on Modules

Expand the capabilities of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ Plugin by adding powerful add-on modules.

StatusCake Module

Add powerful Website Uptime Monitoring to the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. View the status of all Websites in one table, add websites manually, or automatically add monitoring to hosting plans.

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Linode Module

Add Linode Linux Servers to your hosting platform. Create and manage your servers using the built-in control panel and create templates to sell server hosting to clients and customers. 

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Vultr Module

Adds Vultr to the list of Cloud Providers available inside the WP Cloud Server Plugin. Create and manage new servers, as well as sell server hosting to customers.

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AWS Lightsail

I am pleased to announce that Amazon Lightsail is the latest module for the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. Create and manage all of your servers through an intuitive interface.

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