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Access to ALL Premium Modules

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‘Inner Circle’ Facebook Group

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Access to ALL Premium Modules

Valid for Life of Account

‘Inner Circle’ Facebook Group

Developer Priority Support



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Access to ALL Premium Modules

Valid for Life of Account

‘Inner Circle’ Facebook Group

Developer Priority Support

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Sign-up today to lock in the launch offer for the life of your account!

Get ALL Modules including Future Releases!

Over the next few weeks we are releasing a steady stream of Add-on Modules for our ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. If you sign-up today you get access to all of the Modules as they are released for the monthly subscription shown on this page.

Modules take the form of WordPress plugins, that are installed alongside the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin which automatically detects them and gives access to tabs, settings, and logs, etc. 

As the modules are released and become more mature then the price on this page will increase month-on-month until it settles at the final price! Let’s have a look at what’s included in the membership;

Let’s have a look at what’s included in the membership;

  • Access to ALL ‘Premium’ Add-on Modules as they are released
  • The price of the monthly subscription locked for life of your account
  • Access to Developers ‘Inner-Circle’ Facebook Group
  • VIP Support if you experience problems from the Developers

Powerful Add-on Modules

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin contains some versatile and powerful tools for creating a WordPress Hosting Platform for selling reliable web hosting plans to your Clients and Customers.

Imagine though the Hosting Plans that you could offer if you had access to more of the worlds most powerful Cloud Server providers and services!

Imagine being able to mix and match from different areas of functionality! What if you could offer Domain Names, Status Pages, Site Monitoring, and much more! Well over the coming months you will be able to!

We are actively developing a number of Add-on Modules that will extend the functionality of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin, some are in beta, some are in the early stages of development, and some just in the idea stages! They will be released first for beta testing, and then as full production versions.

The Modules are all designed so that they can work together. So for example the Vultr Module can create a Cloud Server connected to the ServerPilot Module, which installs WordPress and handles Server updates.

When you create a Client Website, or a Customer purchases Web Hosting, the Website is built and the StatusCake Module adds the new site to StatusCake for uptime monitoring, and the Slack Module sends you a message to confirm a new site has been created!

That was just an example scenario. In-reality you can mix and match any modules, or even just use a single Module if you want!

The beauty of this is that everything is under your own control. But fully supported by a team that loves WordPress as well as Cloud Servers and the related technologies!

The good news is that you get access to all modules as part of this special launch offer!

Price Locked in for Life of Your Account

The price that you sign-up for today will be locked in for the life of your account. This means that the price will remain the same while you keep your account active.

If you decide to cancel your account, stop paying the monthly subscription, but then want to return you will have to pay the current price on that day! Which could be significantly higher than it is today!

The price offered today will gradually increase over time as we begin to release the Modules. Once the Modules are of a full production standard we will bring in the final two-tier pricing! Which will be significantly higher than it is today!

The two-tier subscription system will consist of all ‘Standard’ Modules on the first-tier, and the ‘Premium’ Modules on the second-tier. Premium Modules are complex solutions in their own right, such as the Blesta Hosting Platforms.

So don’t hang back! Start to build the most versatile WordPress Hosting platform that you will ever own!

Developers ‘Inner Circle’ Facebook Group

At the moment we are making decisions about which modules we develop and the order in which we release them. During the development phase we will also have to make decisions about the features that we implement, and in what order.

As a member of the Developers ‘Inner-Circle’ Facebook Group, a closed group, you can discuss issues directly with the development team, and help to shape the future direction of the Add-on Modules. 

If you have an idea for a new Module, or think a feature should be added earlier then we were thinking, then join us and help to shape the future of our products and services.

VIP Support form the Developers

A side effect of being involved in the direction the modules take, also means you get priority support. If you experience any issues with your Add-on Modules then we will respond as fast as we can!

Frequently Asked Questions?

In this section we have collected some of the common questions that we get asked.


We use the term Modules because it distinguishes between the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin and the add-ons. But Modules are in-reality WordPress Plugins!


We have 3 Modules available today, another 6 being tested, and long-term plans for another 20, over the coming weeks and months! We think you will like some of our ideas!


We would love an ‘Inner Circle’ of Clients who are passionate about the ‘big’ picture, not just the FREE Plugin! The Launch Offer is for people who like our vision! Join us!


Yes. Of course we do! We like happy Clients. But if you’re not happy, or change your mind during the first 30 Days we will give you your money back! No quibble!


At the moment we only accept payments in US Dollars. It is possible that this could change in the future. If we do add new currencies we will inform our customers by email.


Freemius are a well respected reseller of WordPress Plugins. They handle all payments, subscriptions, VAT, software downloads, and updates. While we build Modules!