The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin will expand over time with new built-in functions and with new add-on modules. The basic functionality will get covered in the support documentation, but this won’t capture the many different ways in which the plugin and add-on modules can be used together to create powerful hosting scenarios.

So. I had a thought! Why not capture the various ways of using the plugin in a series of posts. This is the first post in a new category called ‘scenarios’ where I will take an in-depth look at the various uses for the plugin. If you have your own unique ways of using the plugin then feel free to drop me an email and let me know what you do, and I might decide to include your scenario in the next post.

This post will also act as an index for the series. If you are looking for a particular combination of modules, or functionality, then start here. Scroll down the list below until you find what you’re looking for! At the moment the list is a bit thin but it will expand over time.

All of our scenarios will assume that the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin has been installed, that you have accounts with both ‘DigitalOcean’ and ‘ServerPilot’, and have set-up the plugin with valid API credentials for both services.  Hopefully, you are connected and are not seeing any error messages about API connections not being available!

If you are experiencing problems then please read our support documentation for a step-by-step process! If you are still having problems then please contact us for help.

I hope you enjoy this series of articles.

Scenario 1:            ServerPilot & DigitalOcean

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