SendGrid Module


SendGrid is an online service that specialises in reliably sending emails. There service provides enhanced service information and reporting so that you know exactly how your emails are being received and responded to.

Adding the SendGrid Module to the ‘WP Cloud Server’ gives you access to these powerful email services. Create emails for your hosting plans or welcome emails for customers.

Current Status

The SendGrid Module is currently in development. The features listed below are currently being tested and will be released shortly for ‘beta’ testing to users who have signed up to our ‘Launch Offer’, for the ‘Standard’ Module Subscription;

  • Create custom emails for each hosting plan
  • Track emails sent

Add-on Modules Bundle

The SendGrid Module is available as a part of our Premium Add-on Module Bundle which provides access to an ever growing range of powerful modules that provide access to additional cloud providers and services for use with the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin.

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