WP Cloud Server

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The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin was born from the frustration of not being able to do exactly what we wanted with our WordPress hosting plans.We wanted the flexibility to be able to use shared hosting where appropriate, and dedicated VPS’s for more serious websites. But we also wanted to add services, and then to create hosting plans to sell!

So in the end we decided to create a new plugin that would allow us to add the server providers and services we wanted, but alongside other WordPress features like membership sites, newsletters, etc.The result is ‘WP Cloud Server’, a powerful WordPress plugin for managing your Cloud Servers, services, and hosting plans.

DigitalOcean Module

DigitalOcean are one of the most popular providers of Cloud Servers and related services on the Internet today. The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin connects to your account using the official DigitalOcean API, and allows you to create and list new Droplets and attach them to ServerPilot or Hosting Plans.

ServerPilot Module

ServerPilot provide a control panel that allows you to connect a DigitalOcean Cloud Server, and they will install all of the necessary software to run WordPress, and then set-up WordPress itself.

Selling WordPress Hosting Plans

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin has been designed to integrate with the ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ plugin. This is one of the best plugins for selling digital downloads such as themes and plugins, and has a vast range of add-ons that help to enhance the ‘selling’ side of our plugin.

We also chose it because it is highly likely that users may want to sell themes and plugins alongside the hosting plans, like we do.

Hosting Plans are created using the EDD plugin. You create a new ‘Download’ but you will now see a new meta-box at the bottom of the page titled ‘WP Cloud Server – Hosting Plan Settings’. This section allows you to select the module and server related to this hosting plan, as well as a unique plan name if different to the page title.

When a customer buys one of the hosting plans the checkout will be customised with the fields that match the module and server selected in the settings.

Payment is taken for the hosting plan using whatever payment gateways are set-up in Easy Digital Downloads. This can include several options such as PayPal, Stripe, and many more.

Once payment is complete the hosting plan will be created on whichever server was set-up. This could be a standard WordPress website on a shared ServerPilot server already created in DigitalOcean, or a new dedicated cloud server created on DigitalOcean using a ‘VPS template’.

Finally, email notifications will be sent out to both the customer and the admin with details of the hosting plans purchased, and details of the server and website created.

‘WP Cloud Server’ Plugin is a FREE Download

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin has been approved by WordPress and is available from the Plugin Directory inside your WordPress Dashboard.

If you prefer you can also download the plugin directly from our website by clicking the download button, and then installing yourself.