A Powerful WordPress Plugin

WP Cloud Server

Do you run your own Cloud Servers? Manually install websites for Clients? Use other services to monitor website uptime or performance? The ‘WP Cloud Server’ Plugin lets you perform it all from your own WordPress Dashboard.

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin is FREE and available from the WordPress Plugin Directory, with Premium Add-on Modules providing additional Cloud Providers and Services!

Create and manage cloud servers with ‘DigitalOcean’ and use ‘ServerPilot’ to manage WordPress websites all from inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard!

Check out some of the powerful features available in the FREE Plugin;

  • Connects to your own DigitalOcean and/or ServerPilot Accounts.
  • Create and Manage DigitalOcean Cloud Servers.
  • Connect new Cloud Servers to ServerPilot.
  • Install new WordPress Websites using ServerPilot.
  • Create ‘Server Templates’ to sell WordPress Hosting Plans to Clients.
  • Add SSH Keys for use with DigitalOcean & ServerPilot.
  • Comprehensive Logs provide record of events.
  • Debug Mode for viewing ‘DigitalOcean’ and ‘ServerPilot’ API responses, etc.
  • Add Premium Modules to expand the available services whenever you want.

A Powerful Control Panel inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin has a powerful and well designed Control Panel that allows you to create and manage your cloud servers and website services through
a user-friendly, menu driven, user interface. Even if you add a premium module to expand the features, the Control Panel is automatically updated.

Easily Create and Manage New Cloud Servers

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin automates the process of creating a new Cloud Server. You can create a standard DigitalOcean Droplet or choose to connect it to ServerPilot, a powerful service that installs WordPress and performs full server management.

Add WordPress Websites to ‘Managed’ Servers

Adding a WordPress website to a ServerPilot Managed Server is as easy as entering the sites details and clicking a button. Alternatively, sell Website Hosting Plans using ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ by creating ‘Server Templates’ that define the Server Specification.

See Full Details of Servers and Websites in Formatted Tables

Full details of Websites and Cloud Servers, such as IP address, OS version, location, domain name, etc. Can be viewed in beautiful, easy to read, formatted tables, with links to manage each resource.

Extend the Features with Premium Add-on Modules

Over the coming weeks and months we will be expanding the free ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin through powerful add-on Modules.

The list of Modules currently being developed and/or tested;

  • Vultr Cloud Servers.
  • Linode Linux Servers.
  • StatusCake Website Monitoring.
  • Netlify Web Developer Platform.
  • Slack Messaging