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WP Cloud Server

Are you a WordPress Developer or Agency? Do you run Cloud Servers with ‘DigitalOcean’ or another Cloud Provider? Maybe you use ‘SpinupWP’ or ‘Cloudways’ but wish that you had greater flexibility?

‘WP Cloud Server’ gives you flexibility and full control of your Cloud Servers

You also get access to monitoring and other powerful services not available with other hosting solutions!

Create & Manage Cloud Servers

Create and manage Cloud Servers with ‘DigitalOcean’ or connect one to the ‘ServerPilot’ server management portal.

Install & Configure WordPress

Use ‘ServerPilot’ to install and configure WordPress automatically. Have a new website online and ready to go in just a few minutes.

Automatic SSL Certificates

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates are automatically installed for each website, using the power of ‘AutoSSL’ to remove the hassle!

Sell Hosting Plans

Use the power of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin to sell ‘Shared’ and ‘Dedicated’ WordPress Hosting to your Clients and Customers.

WordPress Dashboard

All aspects of creating and managing your cloud servers and services are performed directly inside your own WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Powerful Add-on Modules

Expand the capabilities of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin with add-on modules that provide additional Cloud Providers and Services.

Create Cloud Servers with DigitalOcean

The DigitalOcean Module is built-in to the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin and is activated by default. It gives you the ability to create and manage Droplets from inside your own WordPress Dashboard.

Features include;

  • Create new Droplets
  • Set-up ‘Templates’ for creating Dedicated Cloud Servers
  • List the available ‘Templates’
  • Displays a list of Droplets attached to your account.

Use ServerPilot for WordPress Hosting

Create a new Server using the DigitalOcean Module and automatically connect it with the ServerPilot Module, to create fast and secure Ubuntu Servers with WordPress installed and ready to go.

Check out the main features below;

  • Create ‘Shared’ hosting on a single Cloud Server
  • Use a DigitalOcean template to offer dedicated cloud servers.
  • Benefit from auto-updates and server monitoring.
  • Designed by experts for reliability and security

Sell WordPress Hosting Plans

By piggy-backing on the powerful Easy Digital Downloads plugin you can harness the wide range of add-ons to sell WordPress Hosting Plans to your Clients and Customers. You can even combine selling your digital downloads with a hosting plan!

Check out the features below;

  • Use the EDD Payment Gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.
  • Hosting Plans are created when the payment is completed.
  • Sell WordPress Web Hosting alongside your Digital Downloads.

New Features and Add-ons Modules

Over the coming weeks we will be adding powerful new features to the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin, as well as add-on modules.

The updates include;

  • Automatically install themes and plugins alongside WordPress
  • Enter SSH Keys for accessing your servers!
  • Add Cloud Servers with Vultr and Linode.
  • Automatically add new websites to StatusCake for monitoring.
  • Send Emails via SendGrid

‘WP Cloud Server’ increases the services and support that you can offer clients

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