WordPress Solution Specialists

Passionate about WordPress since it’s early days! Providing our clients with complete solutions including powerful web hosting with built-in care plans, full support packages, theme & plugin development.

We are also the creators of the powerful ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. Create a complete hosting platform inside your WordPress Dashboard! Originally created as an in-house plugin for our hosting solutions. But we soon realised it’s potential!

WP Cloud Server

A Powerful WordPress Plugin

A powerful solution for any Developer or Agency who manages their own Cloud Servers!

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ WordPress is freely available from the WordPress plugin directory and provides the ability to create, manage, and sell cloud servers from inside your own WordPress Admin Dashboard.

A growing range of add-on modules expand the functionality of the basic plugin, providing a growing list of Cloud Providers, and other web services e.g. uptime monitoring!

DigitalOcean Module

Create and manage cloud servers using your own DigitalOcean account.

WordPress Dashboard

Have full control over your cloud servers using a powerful control panel inside WordPress.

Powerful Templates

Templates allow you to define a hosting plan specification to be used for selling Websites and Servers.

Add-on Modules

Premium Add-on modules allow new cloud providers and website services to be added.

ServerPilot Module

Use ServerPilot to create and manage WordPress websites. Automatically connect servers.

Sell Web Hosting Plans

Integrates with ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ to allow you to sell ┬áhosting plans using templates.

Auto SSL for Websites

We extend ServerPilots Auto SSL feature by retrying twice daily to configure SSL.

Full Support

The plugin and modules are fully supported via the WordPress Support Forums or email .

Easy to use Set-up Wizard

When you first install and activate the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin, you will be taken to our new set-up wizard, which leads you through the steps required to set-up your hosting environment.

The set-up wizard is completely flexible allowing you to only configure the functionality you need! If you want to make the most of the plugin and use all features, then you will be prompted for API credentials for DigitalOcean and ServerPilot, as well as a Public SSH Key for accessing servers!

Powerful Control Panel

We have created a modern powerful control panel that feels at home inside your own WordPress Admin Dashboard.

The Control Panel gives you complete control over your hosting platform. Activate and Deactivate modules, create and manage cloud servers, and with premium add-on modules you can even manage website services such as uptime monitoring! All from the same control panel!

Sell Hosting Plans to Clients

‘WP Cloud Server’ integrates with the powerful ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ plugin to sell Web Hosting Plans through your WordPress website!

Create templates for both Website and Server hosting. When your customer purchases a hosting plan then the server is automatically configured on DigitalOcean to match the template specification. It all happens in just a few minutes.

Premium Add-on Modules

You can easily expand the power of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin by installing powerful add-on modules which include additional cloud providers and web services!

We have four modules available at the moment which add Vultr, Linode, and AWS Lightsail to the range of Cloud Providers, as well as StatusCake for website monitoring.We have plans for another 20 modules!

'WP Cloud Server' includes many more Powerful Features

The ‘WP Cloud Server’ includes some powerful features that allow you to create a powerful hosting environment inside your own WordPress Dashboard. It is in continuous development with much more planned over the coming 12 months!