About Designed for Pixels​

Find out more about us below! We are passionate about WordPress and have been using it since 2003, just after it was first launched!

My name is Gary Jordan and I am the creator of Designed for Pixels. We are absolutely passionate about WordPress, and love using our skills and experience to create complete website solutions for our clients! Our mission is to treat every website and project as if it was our own!

Designed for Pixels focuses entirely on WordPress solutions and services, using the services of our parent company, Ardenix Systems, to provide all of the cloud services and customised software solutions that we may need to provide state-of-the-art packages!

I have loved computers since I was about 14 years old and started playing computer games with my mates on early computers, such as the Commodore 64, Vic 20, and the BBC Micro Computer! Those were the days! The frustration of loading games from a cassette player, and no Internet!

I first connected to the Internet around 1995! The days of dial in modems, getting bounced off when someone else in the house picked up the phone to make a call! 1997 was the year that I finally got broadband and a constant, fast, and (semi) reliable Internet connection! It was an amazing feeling and one that is taken for granted today!

This was the beginning of my journey with the amazing technologies that make the Internet tick! Linux servers, web browsers, databases, PHP, and in 2003 WordPress! I loved every second of it and still do! I have used WordPress every year since, and built thousands of websites using it! I have developed themes and plugins, as well as playing with pretty much all of the various plugins available today!

It is this love and experience of WordPress that makes Designed for Pixels special. We really do care about our clients and their websites! Names not numbers! It makes a difference. It allows problems to be sorted quickly! It allows us to understand what each client is aiming for, and what makes them happy!

So come and join us! Let us create an amazing WordPress solution for you! If you have a question then use our contact form to ask a question! I’ll look forward to talking to you soon!

Gary Jordan
Gary Jordan – Founder of Designed for Pixels