About Us

We are passionate about WordPress

Gary Jordan
Founder & WordPress Consultant

Since the early 90’s I have been tinkering with the Internet, playing with Linux, running servers, building websites! It has been a passion that has grown over the years!

In 2004 I discovered WordPress and never left! I have built themes to create a certain look and feel, developed plugins to add functionality, and tweaked servers for speed and security!

My main career for many years was is in Aerospace, testing software for engine control systems, with companies like Rolls-Royce, British Aerospace, and GE Aviation. This has led me to have a love of quality software and a focus on getting things right!

I now demand the same quality in the services that my team and I provide to businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. Only this time the focus is on security, speed, and reliability!

The intention behind DesignedforPixels is to offer a service which is not matched anywhere on the Internet. I concentrate on the fine details and care about the clients we have! If your website is down then we are here to ‘fix’ the problem!

Our aim is to ‘fix’ issues before you even know something is wrong! We handle the tasks that you don’t want to think about!

Thanks for trusting us.

Gary Jordan

Business Details

DesignedforPixels is a project run by;

Ardenix Systems Ltd,
Oakhurst House,
57 Ashbourne Road,
DE22 3FS

Company No: 8328044
VAT Number: 153765689

Contact Details

Email: sales@designedforpixels.com
Tel: +44 (0)7775 435265