Company Details

‘Designed for Pixels’ is a WordPress Agency owned and run by Ardenix Systems Ltd, based in Derby, in the heart of the UK. Running ‘Designed for Pixels’ as a standalone project allows for total focus on WordPress solutions and information, without being diluted by the vast number of other services offered exclusively by Ardenix Systems.

All resources used by ‘Designed for Pixels’, such as cloud servers, email services, etc. are provided by Ardenix Systems. All payments taken for services will be handled securely and will be paid directly to Ardenix Systems Ltd. The ‘Designed for Pixels’. team are all WordPress experts and are also members of the Ardenix Systems team!

Ardenix Systems Ltd is a fully UK registered company as detailed below.

Registered Office

Ardenix Systems Ltd.
Oakhurst House,
57 Ashbourne Road,
DE22 3FS,
United Kingdom

Registration Details

Registered (England & Wales): 08328044
VAT Number: 153765689

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